Vinyl flooring has changed a lot over the years, no longer is it just the cheap option for bathrooms and kitchens that comes in a big roll and looks cheap.

These days vinyl flooring is available in very high-quality tiles and planks suitable for all rooms of your home and even commercial use such as showrooms, offices, etc. The highest quality vinyl can be quite expensive; however, this pays off in the long run due to its durability, returning long term value for money. Vinyl is still the option to go for in kitchens and bathrooms as it is can withstand getting wet but works in all rooms due to the high quality it now can be supplied at.

Two of our most popular brands are Amtico and Kahrs. Amtico is a very high-quality vinyl and made in England. Kahrs is made in Europe, what is unique about this vinyl is it contains stone dust in the vinyl tiles and planks along with ceramic coating making it a lot more durable compared to other vinyl and produces an extremely high-quality finish and look to the tiles/ planks.