Property location: Highpoint, Highgate, London N6


To install 100+m² of hardwood flooring in an exclusive block of flats where flooring other than carpet was not allowed due to sound transfer resulting in the impediment of quality of life for the residences below.


To install flooring and an underlay system that met the new homes standard of above 43dB for Airbourne sound transfer and below 61dB for Impact Noise. Our client wanted us to go beyond the minimum requirements.


We began by laying TimberTech Contract Gold underlay which gave us 23db. We followed this by laying Reduc Micro 17 which gave an additional 47db. We completed the installation by directly fixing Momo 5 Thermo baked engineered flooring directly on to the Reduc Micro17 with Laybond L16 wood bond.


A very satisfied customer and managing agent. We achieved 70+db on airborne sound transfer and below 45dB on impact sound transfer.

Products Used

TimberTech Contract Gold Underlay, Reduc Micro 17 Acoustic Boards, Momo Engineered Thermo Baked Hardwood Flooring.